Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Farewell 800...

Finally its time to say goodbye to our beloved family member, the Maruti 800..

I think I was in the third or fourth grade when I first saw this car. One of my uncle had this car and they came to our house for a visit.. I was so happy that I'm going on a trip on this awesome car and was jumping all around :)

The first trip, me and my cousin were sitting in the boot space. We cramped our legs and was sitting facing each other. The only view I got was through the back window. I was excited and was waving at all the people.. I just enjoyed the ride.. Old memories..!!

After 8 years we bought the same car. Our first car and its a Maruti 800, I was on the top of the world. Only thing is I don't know how to drive :(

I waited for more than a year for my Dad to teach me driving. But that did not happen and I thought of taking it on my own and rammed the drivers door in the garage itself. I still remember the beating I got from my Dad..

Days passed and I finally learned driving and since then Maruti 800 was my best buddy. So many memories.. Showing off at my sister's hostel.. Drinking and driving with friends.. Racing with passerby.. Chased by cops..Pushing the car when battery failed.. huh.. so many good memories..

Farewell Dear 800.. Be good to your new owner..


  1. Good Post!! I liked the beating part a lot :D(still remember the beating I got from my Dad). Hey you forgot to bring up the conversations with your car... lol !!!

  2. Now...that's very touching. Think..u r trying to revive ur inner child!...kudos man!

  3. awww.. poor you. well atleast you got a new car now.. its nice and red! :D
    have fun driving that..